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are you ready to help your a** off?

We’re about to tell a new kind of story.










one goal

To focus everyone’s efforts to do good, in an age where abundance is everywhere but focus.

One world

Some may be waiting for “quantum computers” to solve climate change. Together, we can solve a lot more.

all of us

No matter what, it’ll take all of us. And this project is for all of us.



spread the word

Jesus and Mohammed wouldn’t choose the dollar. Just spread the good word my brother and/or sister.

pick up some trash

Go outside and pick up some trash. We don’t need your help here yet. Earth does.

Go to school. Or don’t.

You don’t need to go to school to learn. MIT uploads a LOT for free, including an introductory course by Lupe Fiasco. Go nuts. Google is your friend (sometimes).

Everywhere you look, someone needs help. Sometimes, it’s in the form of someone who could help themselves but truly doesn’t know how. Sometimes, it’s someone who knows how, but physically can’t access certain things to help. But yet, all around us, we find an abundance of tools and methods to help ourselves, and in turn, others. It’s time these tools, and our love of one another, is focused in a way that can finally make the change we were promised.

The internet needs a hub for helping. And right now, we have some nice resources, like wikipedia, and reddit* (*currently under attack and needs all of our help as well), Nextdoor, and whether we like it or not, Facebook & TikTok, but nothing to really tie all of these communication tools together in a way that gets us to focus our best intentions and efforts to help those who need it most. We have a lot of powerful tools out there in the internet, and those tools are getting harder and harder to find and use, and that may continue to get worse if we don’t do something about it.

That’s where we come in, the project.

Emphasis on “project”, nothing you see here is ready to even be called an alpha, let alone a beta test. This is a rough draft, but, this is us as we are.

This is going to be a one thing, and many things, and a changing thing(s). If you’re still with us, great, please stick around. This is going to take a while.

First and foremost, this is a project to help us, to help you, me, your neighbors, my neighbors, and everyone in this world. Unfortunately, even to help those who don’t deserve it in a backwards way (but we promise, if we can lock some certain wealthy individuals in a virtual reality prison for a while, we will). Once this is off the ground, you’ll find a source to help the world in any way we can figure out, from anything from small issues in your local community, to issues your entire county/state is having. Our current team is US-based, but this is going to be a world-wide effort with bilingual volunteers ready to get help wherever it needs, wherever we can.

This is going to take all of us, so there will be ways to add information for whatever items you think are in need of help, wherever you think the world needs it.

On the other hand, we also plan to host various topics of information, spanning all resources we can possibly cram into one website, with a focus on “helping”. Think, helpful resources such as ebooks to build shelters, recipes for cost-effective bulk meals, and less “articles of the history of george washington”.

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